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Encore Series
Monitoring Service Demonstration

Access Data via Encore Series System
Electrotek’s Encore Series System live demonstration units are located at the service entrance and the substation that supplies our office. Clicking on this link enables you to see up-to-the-minute information, including real-time data, trends, and events for the past 30 days. Internet Explorer is required and first-time users will need to download supporting Java classes.

Encore Series System Login
userid: guest / password: password

Access Power Quality Data via PQWeb
Electrotek’s PQWeb program provides access to downloaded and processed data that is stored in a PQView database. Clicking on this link enables you to view events, trends, and reports for data gathered for these sites during the past year.

PQWeb Login
userid: powermondemo / password: electrotek

Download Reports
Download a sample single-site power quality summary report that was created using PQView's report writing capability.

Sample Single-Site Power Quality Summary Report

Customer Service and Support
Powermonitoring.com customers may obtain technical support by visiting the Online Forum or contacting Electrotek for assistance. Call 1-865-470-9222. You may also send e-mail to pqmon@electrotek.com.

Reference Information and Links
Encore Series™ Website
PQView® / PQWeb
Free TOP, The Output Processor™ Download

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